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Scott Worsfold for Rusticus Theatre

Scott’s been busy this summer with ‘Rusticus’, directed by Jon Stokes and Rebecca Jenkins: theatrical performances throughout the summer that are educational and fun for young and old in the beautiful surroundings of Castle Howard.
Roles included, George Forrest, Pere David and Joseph Rock. All of whom were real explorers from the early 1800’s to the 1900’s.

Alexandra Donnachie as Dorothy in ‘Mugs Like Us’

This month client Alex Donnachie joins RiffRaff Productions in rehearsal for their next project ‘Mugs Like Us’.

In November 1926, after a three month search, the Queensland police arrested a 16 year old girl called Dorothy Duval (real name Slatter). Dorothy had previously worked as a maid at Madame Hana Lingerie and Robe Specialist in Sydney, where £200 worth of clothing had gone missing.

The police want answers but so does Dorothy. She has problems retaining information and her memory is all blurry. Fragments of information, people and places are flashing through her mind – that photograph of Spike the dog when he wouldn’t sit still, Ma’s boyfriend, Scarlett Rose, Albert the Oil, Coogee town and Pinky… Pinky her one true friend. Will Dorothy be able to remember what happened to the £200 worth of clothing stolen from Madame Hana’s shop?

“All photographs are accurate. None of them is the truth.”
— Richard Avedon (photographer)

Prostitutes, razor gangs, drugs, illegal alcohol: step into the criminal underworld of Sydney in the 1920s. Mugs Like Us is a trilogy of one-woman plays inspired by three photographs of Dorothy Slatter, May Smith and Rae Bibby, taken just after they were arrested.

at the Space space.org.uk
5th September, 8pm: Mugs Like Us: Dorothy
6th September, 8pm: Mugs Like Us: May
7th September, 8pm: Mugs Like Us: Rae
8th September, 7pm: Mugs Like Us Trilogy
9th September, 3pm: Mugs Like Us Trilogy


Jowanna Rose in ‘1921’

Client Jowanna Rose has just finished filming for ‘1921’ – a feature length Bollywood Horror!
Here she is playing the dead housekeeper.

Keep your eyes peeled for it’s release.

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