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Grace Dunne 1

Grace Dunne

Height: 5’9
Hair: Green
Eyes: Light/mid Brown
Training: Drama Studio London
Spotlight CV
Grace Dunne 2


We can’t wait to see Tracy’s latest short:

‘Janie Jackson is in Love’

She’s playing the role of ‘Mother’.

Check back for updates!

Did you catch this?


Well done to Juliette and all involved!

Another welcome goes to Colin Coombs.
Native North East talent who’s ex-forces and very handy with weapons handling.

He’s shooting for the next instalment of the ‘Nativity’ films in Coventry this month – so keep your eyes peeled for him in the release of ‘Nativity Rocks’!

Julian Karenga is our newest recruit – he’s currently finishing his training at LIPA.
Originally from Norway but with an interesting mix of African, French & Hungarian in his heritage!

You can catch him this week in ‘The Night of the Knight of the Burning Pestle’ by Francis Beaumont – adapted by Will Hammond at the Paul McCartney Auditorium at LIPA 15th-17th March.

Welcome Julian – we look forward to working with you!

A huge welcome to new client Grace Dunne – she trained at Drama Studio London and you can see her almost immediately in The Mercury Studio, Colchester in Memento Mori.

Info HERE.

Welcome Grace!