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“Sorry I killed your Cat!” Created by and starring some of AD’s own

Lost Fragments Productions presents
Sorry I Killed Your Cat
The Courtyard Theatre
21st-25th February
Tickets £10+Online Booking Fees
Tickets can be purchased through The Courtyard Website here or at The Courtyard Theatre Box Office

When a new couple move in to a north London apartment block their neighbours are quick to invite them over for dinner, though not all is as it seems.

Packed full of laughs, drama and dead animals, Sorry, I Killed Your Cat, is a hilarious piece of new writing about keeping up false appearances, broken relationships, alcohol and “accidentally” killing cats.

It will leave you hoping that you never get invited to another dinner party ever again. Lost Fragments Productions formed originally as part of their training at the School of Arts, The University of Northampton. However, the company was revived as platform to create new and original productions.

To keep up to date with Lost Fragments Productions and to hear more about this and other upcoming performances, follow us on twitter at @Lostfragments or check out our website www.Lostfragments.co.uk

For Ticket Enquiries Theatre
(3pm – 7.30pm Tues – Sun only)
+44 (0)20 7729 2202
The Courtyard
Bowling Green Walk
40 Pitfield Street
N1 6EU