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Lewis Gadsdon

A busy Christmas season

It’s set to be a busy Autumn/Winter here at Actors Direct. With clients already on the road for Blunderbus (Emily Rae), RiotAct (Lewis Gadsdon) and AlterEgo Theatre Companies (Lucy Farrington-Smith & Orlagh Rose), we’ve got Justine Elizabeth Bailey in rehearsals at Oldham Coliseum for ‘Aladdin’. Client Michael Justice is on the road for TNT Theatre again overseas in ‘Hamlet’ and Darren John Langford will spend Christmas with PMA Productions again in ‘The Sleeping Beauty’. Check back regularly for further updates and links to all shows!

More of the AD clan heads to the fringe

Discovering the art of the Double Act, Hush Theatre Company create a piece of theatre that is designed to deliver to both deaf and hearing audiences alike. Through silent comedy and including AD’s Lewis Gadson, it is a spectacle to see. Limited dates only.