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Cathy Shiel – December 14th

65088_373829892765107_8604813265922416701_nCathy Shiel has been a busy bunny, sorry, Squirrel this year. In addition to her superb range as an actor, Cathy is also an Early Years Specialist and an outstanding clown. This year she secured Arts Council Funding to develop her new piece of theatre: Cyril the Squirrel. Cyril the Squirrel is an exciting, silly and heart-warming new piece of children’s theatre about diversity, friendship and life in Woody Woodyland.The play tells the story of Cyril, a squirrel in turmoil, who is taunted and teased by some of the animal folk of woody woodland. The colour of his fur and his eating habits mean he is soon evicted from his tree by a sneaky weasel. Fortunately Rosie Red has a good idea – ting – should Cyril stand up for his Squirrel rights and can squirrels even stand up?! For information on the show and its forthcoming 2016 tour, click here. And for videos following the R and D process – click here! Photography credit – Tracey Gibbs