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Michael Justice in Burnley’s Lesbian Liberator

Michael Justice can be found in Burnley this February following his work at Push Festival Home@McR this Jan.

He is working with Inkbrew Productions and can be seen in ‘Burnley’s Lesbian Liberator’ directed by Helen Parry.

The Burnley Buggers’ Ball & Burnley’s Lesbian Liberator
Sat 25 February, 12.00pm – 1.15pm & 2.00pm – 3.15pm, Burnley Central Library
In the 1970s, Burnley was the UK’s battleground for gay and lesbian rights. Who knew?! To mark the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act (1967), LGBT History Month has commissioned two brilliant new dramas from Inkbrew Production to rediscover this amazing forgotten history. The Burnley Buggers’ Ball, by Stephen M Hornby, tells the story of a transformative political meeting held at Burnley Central Library. Burnley’s Lesbian Liberator,by Abi Hynes, dramatises the political activism of a bus driver sacked for nothing more than wearing a badge. Both plays are vividly staged in the sites where the original events happened.
Suitable for adults and young people aged 12 and over
No booking required. Each performance is open to members of the public for free on a first come, first served basis until venue capacity is reached
Please note these performances are at Burnley Central Library, Lancashire, BB11 2BD
Travel Information:
– Bus X43 from Chorlton Street, Manchester to Bus Station, Burnley (Gate 7)
– Train from Manchester Victoria to Burnley Manchester Road

For further information on the company, see their Facebook page HERE