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The reviews are in for Megan Relph

Client Megan Relph premiered her new work ‘Proper Adult’ at the Altrincham Garrick recently as part of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2021.

‘What is it about being an adult that means your soul has to basically die?’

A humorous and poignant one woman show about coming of age and how to successfully ‘adult’, even if you’re not ready to.

Rachel has recently joined the career ladder, as a waitress at TGIs. What with her high flying career and recently turning 18, she is ready to put her childish ways aside and become a successful adult. However, she might need a little help along the way.


She has received some incredible reviews, see HERE and HERE.


Huge congratulations Megan!

Alexandra Whitworth plays ‘Kent’ in King Lear

Here to There Theatre Company and client Alex Whitworth have received some outstanding reviews for their recent interpretation of ‘King Lear’. Alex plays a female ‘Kent’ – read the full review HERE.

Alex now finds herself in ‘The War of the Roses’ – congratulations to all involved.