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Celebrating our talent – Mike Scurfield

Today client Mike Scurfield has recorded a wonderful little monologue called ‘The Battle of Hastings’ to raise everyone’s spirits and celebrate our artists.

Mike can be found in the glorious countryside of Kent but he’s originally from up North! He plays the trumpet and served in the Royal Navy. You can find links to Mike’s Spotlight on his page as well as headshots and further info.

Thanks Mike!

Click HERE to watch Mike in action!

Together in Electric Dreams…

What the Coronavirus pandemic has proved is that artists will always create light in darkness.

We’ll be spending our days sharing updates, work, showreels, monologues or just pure treats to make people smile!

First up – our very own Annie Wallace who plays Sally St Clair on Hollyoaks.

Click HERE to see her (along with friends) perform ‘Together in Electric Dreams’.

Did you know she could play all those instruments?! Bet you didn’t.


We’re celebrating recent successes by our talent as our own ‘ghost light’.

Today we’re sharing clients Jake Benson and Ilana Charnelle Gelbart’s recent work in ‘Gaslight’.

The fantastic reviews can be re-visited below:

Birmingham Live

Bromsgrove Standard

North West End

The Stage interviews Scott Howland

If you’d like to read the most recent article in The Stage about client Scott Howland – you can find a link HERE.

There’s also a follow-up article planned about an exciting project of Scott’s this Spring!