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Something wonderfully rotten for AD’s Mr Cain

With an ever growing “Scare-attraction” craze creating a whole new wing for the industry, AD is proud to support Steve Cain in “The House that Stank of Death” which will, like most frightening sightings, make a brief appearance at the Martin Harris Centre, Manchester. Follow link for details.

AD success at the ‘sweetest’ of conferences

A huge hearty thanks and congratulations to the Actors Direct team who worked at the Thorntons Conference over the last week.

Helping store managers from across the country understand their customers emotions and engaging with the nations favourite chocolatiers through the medium of Forum Theatre the feedback has been exceptional. We all managed to turn oustanding into ‘Legendary’.

Intoducing our new female stars

Please say hello to all the new talent who have joined Actors Direct in the last few months. With a great range of experience and characters, we advise looking into Annie Wallace,  Maddy Myles, Laura Young, Sharli Reynolds, Jessica Brady (pictured) and Ann Hargreaves.

Lets hear it for the boys!

It’s been such a busy few months here at AD that we’ve barely had chance to keep you updated with all our fabulous new talent. So check out our Male Actors page to see our newest additions of John Mc, Paul Parsons, Peter Stone, Seth Bathurst, Steve Cain, and Lawrence Ghorra (pictured). We’re very excited to have them on board and no doubt you’ll be seeing them soon!