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New client Grace Dunne & Memento Mori

A huge welcome to new client Grace Dunne – she trained at Drama Studio London and you can see her almost immediately in The Mercury Studio, Colchester in Memento Mori.

Info HERE.

Welcome Grace!

Hayley on tour with Sam Bailey

Client Hayley Russell has been wowing audiences for the past few years with the huge number one tours of ‘Vampire Rock, ‘The Meatloaf Story’ and ‘Iconic’ and the cast are to be joined by X factor Winner Sam Bailey for a limited number of shows.

See www.vampiresrock.com for tickets and venue info!

Paul Daly out on the road with Quantum Theatre

Huge amounts of love and luck to client Paul Daly who has started rehearsals with Quantum Theatre for two tours spanning March-September. You’ll be able to catch him over summer in some wonderful open air venues – details to follow.

Have fun Paul!