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Courtenay Magrath at The Cock Pit Theatre

Catch client Courtenay Magrath at The Cockpit Theatre:

Produced and presented by Dead No More Productions
Hosted by The Cockpit

Mike’s saucy sins take him to the gates of Heaven and the depths of Hell. Unable to decide where Mike belongs, he is placed back on earth for a test that will determine his fate – a pass through the pearly gates of Heaven, or a pass through the burning flames of Hell. However, there is more to Mike than meets the eye.

Friday 18th and Saturday 19th August – 7pm
Sunday 20th August – 8pm

For tickets – see HERE.

Josh Harvey on the road with Illyria

Break a leg to client Josh Harvey and cast of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ out on the road for Illyria this summer.
They opened the show at the wonderful Minack Theatre to a packed out audience of 700 strong.

Best wishes for a warm and dry summer!

I am Flesh – scoops 3 awards

Following the successful premiere of ‘I Am Flesh’ at HOME, Manchester on Wednesday, the film won awards for Best Screenplay, Best Sound and Best Camera Operation. Due to the positive response, the plan is for the film to be sent to be screened at various national and international film festivals.

And best of all – it stars Actors Direct’s own Rianna Windust.

Congratulations to all involved.

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