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Colin Coombs – Nativity Rocks

Another welcome goes to Colin Coombs.
Native North East talent who’s ex-forces and very handy with weapons handling.

He’s shooting for the next instalment of the ‘Nativity’ films in Coventry this month – so keep your eyes peeled for him in the release of ‘Nativity Rocks’!

Welcome Julian!

Julian Karenga is our newest recruit – he’s currently finishing his training at LIPA.
Originally from Norway but with an interesting mix of African, French & Hungarian in his heritage!

You can catch him this week in ‘The Night of the Knight of the Burning Pestle’ by Francis Beaumont – adapted by Will Hammond at the Paul McCartney Auditorium at LIPA 15th-17th March.

Welcome Julian – we look forward to working with you!

New client Grace Dunne & Memento Mori

A huge welcome to new client Grace Dunne – she trained at Drama Studio London and you can see her almost immediately in The Mercury Studio, Colchester in Memento Mori.

Info HERE.

Welcome Grace!

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