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Paul Daly out on the road with Quantum Theatre

Huge amounts of love and luck to client Paul Daly who has started rehearsals with Quantum Theatre for two tours spanning March-September. You’ll be able to catch him over summer in some wonderful open air venues – details to follow.

Have fun Paul!


Annie Wallace has received another nomination – and we couldn’t be happier.
She’s previously BAFTA nominated and for 2018 – she’s up for Best Soap Actor at the TRIC Awards.

You can vote online HERE!

Please show your support!

John Doull for ITV’s Bancroft

ITV’s new drama ‘Bancroft’ airs this week and we’re looking forward to seeing client John Doull’s work!

Juliette Strobel in Halifax

Break a leg to client Juliette Strobel who opens at Square Chapel, Halifax this month.
Beauty and the Beast is the Christmas production of choice and looks wonderful!

Have a great run!

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